I Am An Atom Bomb

from by Fake Canadian

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I am an atom bomb
But I'm as stable as I can be
If you want me to explode
You need the secret code
And the authorization key
But when they see me
They see the silo I live inside
They imagine my pent-up power
And the destructive force that I hide
So go ahead
Throw all the rocks that you can throw
You can dent my shell
From top to bottom
But that alone will not make me blow
So if you want to see
The saddest snow you could ever find
Disable the safeties
Engage the procedure
And watch me lose my mind

Say just one word
And I am gone from this place
Nobody likes emotional baggage
Especially the kind that can irradiate space
Is that even possible that that could happen
I'm not up to date on my nuclear science
It goes to show the power I command
But not the knowledge to safely apply it
I am bad news
I am the headlines in your head
From the printing press of your paranoia
A million sick and a million dead
It's over in a half-life
If you could call that life at all
But if you say the word I will disappear
I am gone if you make that call

So don't you dare
Shed a single tear from your eye
Love between a girl and nuclear weapon
In the real world cannot survive
I've waited for a thousand years
I can wait a thousand more
By the time that you're done
You'll be in the ground
Or you'll have lived to see the war
Living with me
Does not good prospects portend
Either I'll outlive you a thousand times over
Or you'll be there to see the end
So goodbye now
You can think of me when you depart
But don't you dare look back
'Coz all you'll see
Is a broken irradiated heart


from Fake Marry Kill, released December 10, 2014
Christopher Casuga: vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, drums



all rights reserved


Fake Canadian Gilroy, California

The world needed another hyper-literate power-pop jawn fronted by a neurotic mess. Christopher Casuga is only happy to oblige.

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