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The title is inspired by those chooches in the Time Magazine article who said they spent over $100,000 on being in an indie rock band, but is not about said chooches or spending over $100,000 on being in an indie rock band.


You've heard it all before so please stop me now
It's the only thing you've heard come out of my mouth
My one-track mind derailed on time, so

Give me a heart that won't shake and I swear I will find a way to make it break
You may think me wrong, but I happen to know you'll be making that same mistake
All I really want is someone who don't mind if I ramble on take after take
So give me a heart that won't break and with me, all you have to do is wait

Walking around best described as a permanent scowl
I could call a truce, 'coz there's no excuse for my excuse
Still, shouldn't I try if I've nothing to lose, so

There's a hundredthousand reasons for me to shut up
I could put in the effort but I'm terrified stuck
Not a single word will come back to you
I'm just afraid of you 'coz I'm afraid of me, too

I can't wait for all of this to be in the past
I just need for this moment to pass
But it's not goin' anywhere, no not anytime fast, so


from Fake Marry Kill, released December 10, 2014
Christopher Casuga: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums



all rights reserved


Fake Canadian Gilroy, California

The world needed another hyper-literate power-pop jawn fronted by a neurotic mess. Christopher Casuga is only happy to oblige.

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