Learn Everything All Over Again

by Fake Canadian

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Three short songs, written and recorded in the blurry haze of a caffeine-fueled insomnia bender on the morning of February 14, 2013.

Photo on wall taken by Juno Appleseed.


released February 15, 2013

Christopher Casuga: Vocals, guitar, keyboard, tambourine



all rights reserved


Fake Canadian Gilroy, California

The world needed another hyper-literate power-pop jawn fronted by a neurotic mess. Christopher Casuga is only happy to oblige.

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Track Name: Learn Everything All Over Again
Congratulations on your decision
To take what you had and throw it to the wind
It's blowing hard and anything as light as a leaf
Is gonna see itself out the door
And when you're left with what's bolted to the ground
And managed not to get bent
Then you'll have to learn everything all over again

It's fine, because when it's time
We will all take the same road out
But you've only heard of the twists and turns
That seeing for yourself would settle all your doubt
And when you lose your sense of direction
And all the foliage starts to blend
Then you'll have to learn everything all over again

You took your house that was built on a foundation
Strong and sturdy and it would never fail
You took a sledgehammer to all the walls
and gutted the fucker from head to tail
And as you lie there in the rubble
Of a house demolished and dead
Then you'll have to learn everything all over again

So look out upon the majestic landscape
The one upon which you're turning your back
Then look ahead at the desolation
The one you're headed to if you stay up on that track
All I'm saying is you need to be brave
And be at the top of your ken
Because you're gonna have to learn everything all over again
Track Name: David Anthony
David Anthony, I know sincerely
You're my best friend on the Internet
That may sound absurd, probably the worst you heard
But you could do little to make me upset
I will stand with you arm in arm
While all the loud bands destroy our ears
Look deep into your eyes
And wonder where you were for all these years

David Anthony, you're from Perth
But you ain't gotta prove to me your worth
All your brain problems and your depressions
I'd whisk away with a snap if that was how it worked
Find all the annoying memes
Share them with each other as our friends all wince
Unacceptable as it may be
It's nice to have friends that don't wanna make you mince

David Anthony, can you account
For all the times we listened to Body Count
And how I would have almost died
Were you not on the GPS when I drive
The streets of San Francisco can fuck right off
Every hill and road always led to a trough
But you navigated me out of certain death
So I have to thank you for my current breath

David Anthony, I'll see you again
At a barbecue or rock show, all that counts is when
And we'll knock together some cans of Pabst
Drink every drop 'til the very last
Canadian Immigration were out of their minds
When they kicked you out, I could not believe them so unkind
But don't you dare let Customs ever get you down
'Coz David, you're the best around
Track Name: If You Were Down
The night bore down on the 99
As I drove you home
The freeway was empty, save for us
Inside my car, hurtling north
I couldn't help but wonder
As I drove you back to town
The things that you were thinking about
And whether or not you were down

Because one minute we were chatting nice
You had command of my ear
Then the next you sat there silently
As if I wasn't even here
Was it something that I did or said
That painted you with a frown
Because you don't even know the things I would do
If I knew that you were down

'Coz I'd make breakfast for you at 1am
While everyone else was asleep
I'd go down to your place of work
And knock out all the creeps
I'd read up on how to hotwire cars
And I'd steal you a Chevy Nova
I'd do all this and more for you
If I knew it was something you wanted

All of the things I feel for you
I couldn't begin to convey
What I think of in return
Is if you think of me the same way
If your answer's “no”, then let me go
I won't make you stick around
But if it's “yes” then I gotta know
Tell me that you're down